Author: Chin Yung How

Has it ever came across your mind of how blessed you are to be Malaysian? For me, the answer is plain as day as they come. Yes. I feel tremendously proud to call myself a Malaysian. As Malaysians we may not know how positively perceived as…

Author: Elaine Soon

What does it mean to be Malaysian?

A straightforward question, really. Yet the answer is quite the contrary.

10-year-old me presumed that being Malaysian was one word: Simple. As the end of August loomed near each year, her eyes would glimmer with excitement as she passed the…

Author: Dylan Dumpangol

A nation is not a place but the sum of its struggles, history, and people. We Malaysians remind each other time and time again that this nation is a bad place, a country that never places its foot down on anything. It has become commonplace for us…

Author: Wan Nur Syahirah

If only we were to come back

Responding to Divine calls

Keep my song instead

Immortal in your soul

Taking care of you, O Sazali

  • P. Ramlee, Anakku Sazali (1956)

P. Ramlee has inspired so many Malaysians, including me. He showed the world that the modern…

Author: Brandon Back E Hyun

The superpowers of today have greatly shaped the world we live in. From the West, we’ve heard terms like America’s “brand of capitalism” and closer East is China’s “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. In comparison, Malaysia is much smaller and takes the Southeast Asian approach of…

Author: Dylan Dumpangol

The idea of working hard and being determined is so ingrained within us that we naturally understand that this is what we should be doing on a day to day basis. Whether we act on it, of course is another question. It is definitely no surprise why…

Author: Ghanesa Kumaran a/l M.V Rajendram

Catcalled, receiving inappropriate messages, creepy comments on social media posts and many more. These are some of the burdens involving sexual assault or harassment faced by majority of women in our community day by day. This issue is not something new to us, we…

Gagasan Mahasiswa Undang Undang Sabah

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